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The Truth About "Mushroom Leather"

Why is no one talking about this? Is mushroom leather really the new alternative to leather? I wish the fashion industry would come up with a new terminology for this textile, mushroom leather. I understand they are marketing it as an alternative to leather. Does it justify the price? Pleather was cheap until people called it “vegan” leather. How eco-friendly is it if it’s a new material that has not gone through a life cycle of biodegradability in real time.

Pleather was greenwashed to be sustainable and eco-friendly until people called out the content of material and process of making it. I still believe leather is more sustainable than these materials since it has been tested through millennia. People are not for animal cruelty but still eat meat and buy leather goods in droves.

I have a leather coat from my mom from the 70s which is still in very good condition. Shoes I have barely worn with a PU lining have deteriorated to a black smudge like material.

This is why I want a new terminology for this material because leather is expensive for good reason. This material, I don’t want it to be charged according to natural fiber material like cotton, linen and silk. Let’s not price gouge this like pleather for leather’s reputation. There is a reason leather is a luxury material in a way pleather (or vegan leather) can’t (and should never) be.

I’m a proponent of leather because it is a long lasting product. Literally there are things sitting in museums. Craftsmanship is lost in the dialog of animal cruelty but do you know how cruel ‘vegan” leather is the earth and our environment? Can we have a conversation about this?

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