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How to Wear Athleisure at the Office

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

What will the work uniform look like as we begin to head back to the office? What will the dress code be for those of us who have gotten used to dressing in sweats while working from home? Vogue stated that we need “to break the cycle of dependence on sweatpants and leggings” in favor of trousers; while Pinterest is showing athleisure wear trending for Spring 2021. As many designer and luxury brands are moving towards collaborations with athletic brands, we believe it’s all about balance when it comes to incorporating loungewear into an office-friendly look. Here are some of our best styling tips for creating versatile outfits that will take you from your home office to your corporate office.

Go Neutral

One of the easiest ways to rock your favorite pair of joggers at work is to select a work-appropriate color palette. Opt for classic colors that will blend with work-appropriate attire. Going with neutrals like grey, beige, blue, black, or even white is always a safe bet. Wearing shades in these tried-and-true color schemes will help loungewear integrate into an office setting. Avoid patterns, prints, or jarring logos. The goal is to look business casual, not like you are ready to hit the gym.

Utilize Accessories

When styling athleisure clothing, you may not usually put much thought into your accessories. Whether it is jewelry, belts, bags, or shoes, accessories can change the whole look and feel of an outfit. Try adding bold statement jewelry, a clutch, and heeled booties to take your loungewear attire to the next level. Avoid leaving the outfit bare or pairing it with sneakers, as it will likely appear too casual for the office. Try adding accessories usually worn with your work outfits to your athleisure looks. You might surprise yourself with how office-appropriate athleisure pieces can be by simply adding a few accessories.

Mix and Match With Structured Pieces

Choose one athleisure piece, such as a sweatshirt or a pair of lounge pants. Then, mix it up by pairing it with fitted trousers or a blousy top; or try layering with a blazer for a more polished look. Mix and match structured and casual pieces to create cohesive athleisure outfits that you’ll feel comfortable and professional in.

Wearing the Right Pair of Shoes

The number one rule for wearing athleisure outfits at work is to forego sneakers, especially if they are meant for the gym. Instead, opt for shoes that are appropriate for the office. Even a pair of designer kicks will dress down an outfit that incorporates athleisure wear. Instead, try a pair of heels or chic flats that will keep your outfit looking smart. Strappy sandals or heeled booties can do a great job of enhancing your athleisure wear to look more dressy and sophisticated.

Consider Dresses and Jumpsuits

When you think of athleisure wear, you likely think of outfits that consist of a sweatshirt and a pair of joggers. However, styles like athleisure dresses and jumpsuits are one-piece wonders that look fabulous on a variety of body types and are as comfortable as any other athleisure attire. Even better, they can be just as suitable for the office as their non-athleisure counterparts. The best part? As a one piece office-ready look, you can spend less time worrying about creating a complete outfit. The key is to remember to accessorize and choose appropriate footwear. Incorporate a belt that accents your natural waist to add a little bit of definition and professionalism to your look.

Make Sure It Fits

How do we ensure our loungewear will be office-appropriate without losing the comfy feeling? The key to making athleisure wear work-appropriate is buying pieces that fit your style aesthetic as well as your body type. Wearing something that does not fit our body type tends to look messy and not put together. When wearing athleisure wear consider the same styling rules as you do when dressing for your body type. Avoid wearing oversized and slouchy combinations that will look randomly thrown together or like you just rolled out of bed. Alternatively, avoid wearing overly tight clothes that are uncomfortable and unflattering. Wearing well tailored pieces is the best way to look put together, even if those pieces are more casual in nature.

Now that we are heading back to the office for work, where the dress code is somewhat uncertain, we want to stay stylish and comfortable yet professional. It’s possible to wear your favorite athleisure pieces to work. The key is to find a balance within our wardrobe to create looks that are office appropriate but that we will actually want to wear all day long.

What will you be wearing when you return to the office? Will you be incorporating athleisure wear into your work wardrobe?

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