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Looking like a hot mess because you lack Personal Style?

In the ever accessible world of fast fashion, where we have a closetful of clothes but still struggle with having that “I have nothing to wear” dilemma. We have either lost our sense of style or adopted other people’s style as our own but it really does not suit our lifestyle. There is a lot of talk about personal style nowadays. A lot of it is white noise from people who either do not have a personal style of their own to start with or offer real achievable advice to help you develop your personal style. Most seem to be selling you products rather than personal style.

What is personal style?

First, let’s define what is personal style? For many stylists and people with a great sense of personal style. It is a means of self expression in the way you use fashion to convey your personality and the way you create outfits that fit that persona into your lifestyle. It isn’t wearing the latest fashion trends or copying what is in an ad campaigns or fashion influencers style. That is hard to incorporate into your lifestyle. I’ve heard bad opinions like disregarding style aesthetics to being on the flip side of people saying to have X number of pieces in your capsule wardrobe to a bland and boring style aesthetic that lacks personality. In between the bad opinions is the happy medium of what I believe is a workable rule of thumb to follow.

Personal style is a uniform of how you wear fashion. It’s a very distinguished style that is instantly recognizable as your signature look.

Is aesthetic needed to have a personal style?

Yes, here is why it matters. It creates a visual representation of the overall look you want to create as your style uniform. To not have this basic guideline is where most people buy styles that are hard to create outfits. Also, you will find it easier to buy into trends that aren’t suitable for you.

What does an aesthetic mean for personal style?

It is a visual display of creating outfits that is pleasing to the sight. How does this translate into style of dressing? Because fashion is a visual art form. It takes a lot of the same theories in the form of the body, color pairing, mediums use (in this case the fabrics and trims used) and lastly they design details designers implement.


As far as I can tell there are 4 basic style aesthetics and every modern style aesthetic is a derivative of these 4 main style aesthetics by combining elements of them together.