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Summer Style Staple - The Slip Dress

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

When the summer is literally making you melt, the last thing you want to do is struggle to find something that will keep you cool and make you look great. The slip dress not only solves this problem but is also the most classic and versatile dress a woman can own. This simple dress has an elegance to it which simply cannot be denied. You can show your own personal style with the dress by wearing it by itself or by layering it with the current season's trends.

This timeless classic lived as an underpinning away from the eyes of the public before becoming a breakout item in the 1990s. Formerly known by the French during Marie Antoine’s time as the chemise, it was renamed the slip in the early 20th century as it literally slips over your head and graces your body. From that moment on, slip dresses have been worn by many style icons including Marilyn Monroe, Cher, Cindy Crawford, Caroline Bisset-Kennedy, Gwyneth Paltrow, Selena Gomez, and more. The first fashion designer to have been credited with bringing the slip dress to the forefront of fashion was John Galliano for Dior. The inimitable Princess Diana wore the Dior creation making it an immediate icon. You know this is style is a classic when it has stood the test of time and has been worn by so many stylish fashion icons throughout the decades.

If you have a minimalist style aesthetic- there is nothing better than slipping into a simple and easy-to-wear slip dress. If you want a dress that wicks away humidity and keeps you cool, a linen version of this classic staple in white will be a must in your closet. You’ll find yourself reaching for it again and again whenever you need a simple elegant dress on the go. You can find our linen slip dress (similar to our Minimal Dress) exclusively at Flying Solo in NYC. For the summer, go with a silk blend version to help keep you cool for an evening at the ballet or a dinner date with that someone special. A silk version cut on the bias with the right fit will not only feel great but will enhance all the right curves. What is more minimal than a dress that pairs well with heels, sandals or sneakers? The only accessories you will need to reflect on your personality are the sunglasses to block out the radiant summer sun and the bag you plan to carry when you wear this dress. On days you feel a little extra, you might add on a belt or scarf.

If you are more of a maximalist, the slip dress is the perfect modern classic style staple to use as a core foundation piece. Because of its simplicity, the slip dress allows you to add your own flair. Use lightweight jackets, scarves, belts, bags, or shoes to really accentuate your style. You can even try adding a floral silk printed head scarf for a little extra drama. Fanciful Kentucky Derby enthusiasts can give their hat the center stage it needs when paired with an understated slip dress. If you want to get really creative, this is the item you should reach for in your closet to be the base layer. Let’s not forget summer also has its fair share of polo matches where the simple elegance of the slip dress will be sure to stand out as you partake in stomping the divots. The summer is full of special occasions where you can play up your layering aesthetics. This simple but multifunctional dress is a modern classic wardrobe style staple that creates so many looks for so many occasions. Pairing it with different accessories like bags, shoes, belts, and scarves as well as light layering pieces will create a lot of summer looks to fit into whatever fanciful mood you are in.

If your style falls somewhere in between, you can make this staple work for you. When styling the slip dress to suit yourself, you can make it more or less to fit your personal style and mood for the day. Getting your not so basic basics into your wardrobe will make adding your personal style easier to accomplish. With the slip dress, you can be minimal, maximal, sexy, elegant or whatever vibe you choose to suit your daily lifestyle.

At Jody Tjan, we love the slip dress so much, we even made two versions of it for our Collection 2. Belt our velvet Minimal Dress and pair with loafers for a day at the museum or gallery and we guarantee that the art won’t be the only thing getting some attention. Throw on a fringe shawl on top of our Amore Dress for a flirty date night with that cute beau of yours.

Which version of this classic style do you like as your style staple? What fun summer plans do you plan to wear the slip dress to stay cool and collected? How will you style your slip dress? Write us a note in the comments!

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