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Size Matters Or Does It? | The New Size Scale In Luxury Fashion.

Between 00 and plus size there are women with regular bodies and imperfectly perfect bodies. Whether it is because of genetics or lifestyle- most of us aren't ever going to be the size of fashion models. Luxury fashion has a history of dictating what size women "need to be" and women have felt pressure to diet and alter what nature has made us. In reality, women aren't going to sprout the extra inches needed to be statuesque fashion models nor are we all going to be slim enough to fit a 00. Women have curves.

But, are major luxury brands setting the size scale for the rest of the contemporary brands? What was once the common size range for brands, 2-14, has changed to 00-12, giving way to vanity sizing in moderate to budget brands. The outcry in the past decade of saying a size 14 is a plus size and size 8 models are plus sizes is deserved. The way American sizing is going has caused an angry backlash in the global market where not everyone is happy to conform.

So the question remains- does size matter? Or does fit matter? Which one matters to you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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