Capsule 4

This capsule was created to answer the question “What do you wear to feel comfortable working at home while maintaining work professionalism?” Jody Tjan repurposed her designs to fit between the “athleisure” and “work uniform” aesthetics. We’ve created a collection of work-life essentials that is suitable for the home office, running errands, and going into the office. After nearly a year of searching, we found two fabrics that meets our stringent quality standards. We incorporated our design details into French Terry and Bonded Scuba fabrics to craft a capsule of luxury leisurewear.

Capsule 3

This capsule is inspired by both versions of The Thomas Crown Affair. Originally motivated by the iconic Fisherman’s sweater worn by Steve McQueen- we designed our version with a hood so it may be worn as outerwear. From there, we developed a dramatic oversized sweater coat that is chic, elegant, and wraps like a plush throw. The rest of the collection’s pieces reflect both of the film’s female protagonists. We have re-engineered our core styles as well as introduced a leather dress to reflect the differences in the two women. 

Capsule 2

This capsule, mainly white with accents of black, is meant to serve as a blank canvas for one's own personal style. Filled with garments in luxurious fabrics like silk velvet, heavy satin backed crepe, and Italian cotton, it provides both structure and fluidity.  Capsule 2’s dresses are meant to evoke feelings of lavishness and sophistication in the wearer. Italian Crepe Trousers with structured draping and a unique tuxedo stripe are one of the highlights of this collection. Capsule 2 is flirty and daring paired with professional elegance.

Capsule 1

This capsule is influenced by the state of American elections. Filled with intrigue and discord over the media, we imagined what today's diplomat and modern spy might wear. For the classic Trench Coat, we designed the high collar and storm flaps, then lined it with quilting for extra warmth. Our Spy Coat has deep pockets with additional hidden pockets inside. Our plush Deep Cover Sweatshirt was made to be paired with the lounge-y Off-Duty Jodhpurs, as both exude elegance with ease for on the go wear. We've engineered our Stealth Slip Dress with a self-bra and a built-in body contouring lining, perfect for nights out on the town. Each piece in this collection is designed to help the cosmopolitan woman curate her wardrobe.